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O Peri Peri. Sempre Portugues!

With over 15 years experience, we’ve perfected our chicken from start to finish. We marinate our chicken for at least 24 hours and then grill from fresh to keep our chicken moist and succulent. Our peri peri sauce recipe is second to none. It has been passed down three generations and we guarantee that the same original Porra sauce will be passed on to you. No frills, no fuss, just good food.
O Peri Peri. Sempre Portugues.

“The African Bird’s Eye Chilli

Peri-peri (“piri piri”, “pili pili” or “african bird’s eye chilli”)  is widely grown in Eastern and Southern Africa.

A long time ago when the Portuguese explorers sailed up to the east coast of Africa, on their way to India, they discovered many wonderful things. The most wonderful thing they found was a small, very unique and strong tasting chilli. The local people, who spoke Swahili, called it Peri Peri. They used Peri Peri as a medicine as well as to enhance the flavour of their food. The Portuguese saw how good Peri Peri was because it tasted so delicious. They loaded their ships with Peri Peri to introduce it to the rest of the world. Peri Peri is rich in vitamin A and C, but more importantly it gives new life to your food. This chilli may be small but it packs some serious heat, not to mention flavour. It’s considered one of the spiciest chillies measuring in at around 170,000 scoville units. Peri Peri chilli is the secret to creating our great food.

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